Monday, October 24, 2011

QuiltUber Fest Block 15

OK so I was going to wait till later and post more than one at a time! But this little booger deserves a post of its own! Can I just say I am ready to get a shot gun and shoot me some geese!!! (ppssssst I do not like guns LOL)
I was uber psyched about half square triangles and log cabins, but this one was all flying geese... WHAT!!! Well, let me just say that I still haven't gotten the hang of them! I have now tried three different methods and mine always seem to fly sideways!!So then I have to trim them down and the buggers end up being smaller than they should! I made smaller than 1/4 inch seams and am still smaller than the block should be! Well, here's to good sashings! LOL!!!!
Block 15 Hills and Valleys
Just whatever you do... do not look at the back of it! Nothing there to be proud of!! I guess I just pat myself on the back that it is done!
OH< and if you are (or aren't) doing the quilt along there is a bonus 17th block! SO..... I thought I only had one more to go, but I HAVE to do the bonus one, too!! Right!!!

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