Sunday, October 30, 2011

Squirrels Rock Halloween

What a LONG weekend! And it really isn't even Halloween yet!!! My band (The Secret Squirrels) had a Firday/Saturday night gig! Oh how these wear me out! But in true Squirrel fashion the costumes came out! Well, all but me! I went as...well me!!! I had on my big old MONSTER sized eyelashes, sprayed my hair with pinkn and well they all said it was very me!! And yes for gigs!! That is how I roll!!

Well be preparred to be tacken aback!!!

Squirrels 2011

 This is my crazy band!! Top row, pink hair, oh yah that's me! our drummer Jim, Lead singer Chris, lead guitar Darin: Bottom row Bass guitar Mike, Trombone Kurt, Piano Tim. These guys are just the best to work with!! This was Saturday night and we were missing a few of our horn players when this was taken! They had other gigs and kind of rolled in as they were available! But the place we played has us back about once a month for a two night gig and they love us and are more than willing to work with us!

The next pic we have spouses (however my Honeyman was playing fireman that night and unable to make the show) so that is...yes my Sister next to me. I really did like her costume. She knitted her cape and sewed her skirt and apron.
Boy we all make quite the crazy group!!

Yes, the band was playing 'Foxy Lady'!!!

Party on Garth... Party on Wayne!!
OK So my Beffro was only able to make it on Friday! (She is another singer and plays trumpet!) So she dressed up! She ALWAYS has the best costumes! (last year she showed up as mystique from x-men WOW) she had the garth faces DOWN!! I thought I was going to loose it when 'Garth' was singing Moondance! Do you know how hard it is to play flute and laugh at the same time!!  Oh, below here, shat would Garth be without Wayne! Beth's wonderful boyfriend Andy! Who I am told went and bought ALL of the stuff for their costumes!!
These two friutcakes...I have nothing more to say!!

Hope You all have a safe and festive halloween!! Josie

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