Monday, October 17, 2011

great fabric wrong pattern??

So I was going to follow another quilt along! I got the fabric requirements, went and bought all the fabric, and, well... The quilt along is Studly and the Mrs. I was so nutz about grabing another project and well the thought of doing two at the same time is alwasy a challenge and kind of cool concept. I told my Hoenyman what I was getting the material for and he was Pshyched about getting a quilt of his own that was all about him! I went out to JoAnn's, Hancock and my local quilt shop! I found this material...

Well ya'll know my Honeyman is also my hot fireman!! I love the colours and just loved this material! And when I went to my locfal quilt shop I also found out that it was Robert Kaufman and there were several prints that looked like flames!!

I got lots of other red/ orangs/ and yellows and SEVERAL black prints ot go with it! I decided that grey will tie them all together nicely, kind of a light grey, but I did not find one that I liked so I haven't gotten that piece yet. Anyway! LOVE THE MATERIAL! and it so screams Honeyman!! But the more I look at this pattern I just don't think it is right for this material! So... I will be off on a hunt for the right pattern and then have to decide if I am still going to do the quilt along and wait for it... go buy MORE material!! LOL
I leave you with a pic of my husbands tat (it is like 6 years old now, but this was the first week he had it) I cannot tell you how very proud I am of that man! Everyone should be as lucky as I am!
Have a great week!


  1. Wow those really are some hot fabrics! I know you'll come up with something neat to make from theme as I think you need something with a big block somewhere to showcase your fireman print.

  2. Ooo... those are seriously some fabulous fabrics! They look amazing together! Starting and planning a new project is so much fun. You make me want to do something new too! :)