Thursday, October 20, 2011

QuiltUber Fest Block 11

OK, so 12 out of 16! so close... and yet the one that I am working on now I have to tear apart! Where in the world did I go wrong with it...
Block 11 Cabin in the Woods
this is the second block they named cabin in the woods, I think I will call mine Spider in the Cabin in the woods! ha! I'm such a freak! 
OH< but uber psyched!! I found a local quilt group! They meet once a month on the first Tuesday! It does conflict with Darien's boyscouts, but Honeyman said that I can join! I love that man! So the first of the month i am going to pop down there and check it out! (I'm sure I will scare a few of the ladies! but once they get to know me...nope I will still scare them, just maybe a little less! LOL)
Oh, well! Probably no squares today! Have been having health issues and I have yet another Dr. apt and a few more tests.
Oh, happy day,


  1. Love your Halloween fabric! Are you going to quilt your top yourself or have someone else do it. My first quilt was for my son years ago, it was ugly, but he loved it! Come by and visit me,

    your friend in stitches

  2. I'm lovin' the Halloween fabrics-- so fun!