Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prep, prep, prep!!

My baby brother!! The big teddy bear always looks so mean!!
So on the 23rd (VERY early in the morning) we are leaveing to make the long trip down to TX to see my baby brother. He is also my only brother, stands 3 inches taller than me and is a large shouldered man!! He turns red when I call him my Baby brother, so I do!!
Anyway!! We are in IL and I have not seen my brother in three years this summer!! That is WAY to long!! He bought a house, last summer, and I cannot wait to see it!! We are going to pull our camper down there and take two days to make the trip!! I do NOT drive the beast so I will have LOTS-O-TIME on my hands!! I know there will be several stops for the kids, my little dog, (big dog is staying with friends) and gas and such, but what to do in the mean time...
I have began my hand sewing prep work!! There are Nine of my brown squares that are either all applique, finish with applique, or start with! I might omit the one that starts with and then is machine finish, but not sure yet!! I have them all traced, now to cut, press, and apply my freezer paper!! I will put each block in its own little zip-lock and yay I might jut get something accomplished while we drive!! We will get back probably very late on July 3rd (Honeyman has to work July 4th :-P so had to cut is short by one day) so lets all cross our fingers and hope I have most of them done buy the time we get back!! 18-20 hours worth of drive time each way...I think I can, I think I can!!!
I may slide a block or two in while I am doing prep work!! Lets see....

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  1. My "little" brother lives in the panhandle of Texas. We go down usually several times a year. Have a great time!