Sunday, June 12, 2011

What do I start with...

Darien and I

Well not much square work this weekend! Saturday was the Race for the Cure! My boy and I along with a rather roudy group of my girlfriends marched our way through the 5K!! The morning was VERY blustery day! But anything was better than the 2010 race that never started!! LOL We were lighteninged out!! A great time was had by all!!

Lillian camping!!
And I cannot let it go without saying that today is my Miss Lillan's birthday!! She is 11 today!! It is so hard to believe the kid grow up so fast!!  She got clothes, goggles (oh she is a fish in the pool!) and a book!
This is my Lillian last year! We went camping for a week starting on her birthday! She made that crown and wouldn't you know it she wore it EVERY day!! Did not matter where we went the 'birthday crown' came with!! I love that girl!!

Oh, have to go make burgers and sing to my birthday girl!!

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday to Lillian! Love the crown!