Monday, June 6, 2011

So I haven't really been doing nothing!!

Summer is here!! YAY! I have my pool set up... now hold off your jelousness is it only three feet deep and eigth feet round! But don't get me wrong I can still lay in there with my Honeyman and each of us have our own float and we still have room for the kids to splash around us!! O.K so here's the outdoor chairs and cushions were HORRID!! We bought them 6 years ago when we moved into the house and they have spend a winter (or two) covered in snow!!

 Yes my friends these were my cushions!! (and if I am being honest... this is one of the two better ones!!) We will not even begin to think what shape the REALLY bad ones were in!!
But my friends just laughed and said we were outside and it did not matter! Well it mattered to me! But my Honeyman (being the tight walleted man that he is) would not spring for new ones!! and at $30 a piece 6 chairs... that's more than we paid for the whole set

So... I went Memorial day and used my coupon and got material for half price plus 10% off and for just over $60 I had material for all 6 chairs!! In comes Jane (hehe that is what I have named my machine! That is why I got her and well it just fit!) I did decide to reuse the batting on the inside of the chairs. It was not in that bad of shape and save a little Money, too!! 
But wait...I can't end my story there!! I could not put my new beautiful cushions on the chipping old chairs... SO!!!

 The chairs go a face lift as well! They went from tan to black!!
So here is the finished product... stripped on one side and the pattern on the other!! Shhh don't make fun of me I got the first one put together and realized I had inverted the pattern on the back and seat!! OOPS!!

                                            So guess what... you got it they are ALL that way!! 
                                                                    Sheesh I love me!!

Thanks all! Now get outside and enjoy if you have beautiful weather!!


  1. I love the new chair covers. What a lofty proposition you undertook!

  2. What an awesome makeover those chairs got! They look amazing!