Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Insane mind

So I have decided to do my brown blocks next. My Honeyman just sat and shook his head when I started labeling my material and deciding what to use where!! So a I alone on this one...
 Ok well I gues the picture thing is not going to cooperate, but ya'll get the jist!! This is my Jane Bible!! Before I even put needle to thread I went through decided what was going to be what colour, I also (because I have no stash to use) decided I would use each fabric twice! The page on the left (or top as it may be) is my list of squares by colour and the grid on the right is what I used to map it out...I did tell ya'll that I am just a bit OCD right!! This is why I have to stop and breathe when my squares do not come out just right!! I fip to the front of my book and remind my self that 'finished is better than perfect' (Yes, I did that on a piece of graph paper, too)
   Anyway!! The other day I decided I have gotten my all my browns so that is where I will be drawn to next!! YAY BROWNS!!  I washed them, sat down mapped them out, and now...I get to begin!! So here come the browns, (oh and hopefully the very last purple that has been taunting me!!)...
  Wish me luck!! (and a little inside time here and there when the pool is not beconing me)

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  1. If I had that pool it would be hard for me to stay inside and sew! We used to have one, but now that the kids are grown my husband has vetoed it:(. I'm a little OCD too, but nothing like that!!