Tuesday, December 29, 2015

BHMQAL clue #5

Struggling with some of my choices!
Got it done!! It was a busy holiday weekend! But Yesterday the snow fell, Honeyman was on shift, and I was trapped inside all day! OK so I wasn't really trapped, but it was a great excuse for hanging around in my pj's and stitching all day long!

I got the whole clue finished up!

Bonus blocks!
 PLUS I stitched up these little gems with the 'bonus HST' that were trimmed off! They were TINY and I figured since I had them right there I might as well use them! Each HST came out to 1 1/4 inch! I think if I would have REALLY pushed the seam allowance I MIGHT have been able to get them to an inch and a half, but I worry when it starts getting to small!! I had a few HST in my drawer that were the same size and I threw them in there as well! It felt great to get these little buggers out of my drawer! These squares are 3 3/4 inches! CRAZY! Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet! I thought about adding to them and making them the center of a square! Who knows! Maybe I will finally use up the hundred and fifty BAJILLION I have from Celtic Solstice!! LOL

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