Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's that time of year again!! BHMQAL 2015 clue #1

I know it has been a minute or two! I have been up to some pretty interesting things, but I will get into that in a different post!

It is, however that time of year! My favorite day of the year!! Some people call it black Friday... I call it AMAZING!!

Once again I am jumping into The Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt along! Allietare!!
I have chosen for the most part to follow Bonnies colour choices! The only difference is my constant! Instead of a grey I have chosen a cornflower blue! This colour pallet is WAY outside of my preferences, but I have a recipient in mine and these are the colours of their living room! So, blue it is!!

Clue #1 was very simple cute little HST in the constant and neutral!

Cute HST! 

all finished up! Maybe I can get back with Y'all soon an let you know where I have been!!
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  1. LOVE the blue you've substituted!! What a lovely gift this will be.

  2. Nice start to the mystery. That blue is a lovely constant.

  3. Yes, you're not the only one who chose a blue constant. ;)

    Let's hope it works!

  4. Very pretty constant..love that it's blue!

  5. Love your constant, and your neutrals. I am rather dull when choosing neutrals and must change. I look forward to watching your MQ evolve.

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