Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I have had a BUSY Summer part 1

I have been busy busy busy! And not all of it has been sewing related!

I guess I guess I have to break this down into two different posts because one is much more detailed than the other! LOL!

Finished deck
Lucky to have these guys!
We started the summer with a deck for our pool! My Lillian could get in the pool but not out and she is WAY to big for us to try to pick up anymore!! So my wonderful FIL came over and he and Honeyman and The Boy did some wonderful work and it has been well loved this past summer!!

Annual Leinies trip!
We take an annual trip up to Wisconsin with friends. It is just a couples retreat! We have a day of wine and cheese tasting! We have a day at the Leinenkeugal family reunion! There is a float down the Chippewa River! It is just an all round fun time!!
Timber City Band

I played my annual gig with the Timber City band! always a blast!! We will come back to this pic in my next post! It's VERY important!

20 x 60!! Yowza!!

Honeyman bought me a GREAT table to replace my ironing borad that was falling apart!  I have been dreaming about this table for a little while and I was over the moon to finally have it in my sewing room!!

Numbered bean bags
I made a few small projects, but nothing crazy or out there!

And then there was the biggest part of my summer...
but that comes in the next post! I will tell you this is a personal journey! Not all of what I put on here is sewing related! I love to read about other people and it makes me feel closer to them instead of the strangers that this cyber world tends to make us!
Stick around will you!


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy summer!

  2. What an exciting summer you had! With all the activities, I understand why you weren't blogging. Can't wait to read Part 2.

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