Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BHMQAL clue #3

Clue #3
Someone (that would be ME) did NOT read directions!! OOPS!! I guess I will pay the price when it comes time to piece the blocks!! I somehow blew over the whole pressing directions! I mean after all Bonnie ALWAYS spins the seams ... right???

Oh well! She told us how to do it and I missed it in the first read!

I had to purchase fabric for this one! These are not the yellows I normally have on hand! I'm more of a bright sunshine yellow gal! But I stuck with the golds!!

I am pretty happy with getting the whole clue finished! I had a busy busy weekend!!!

I love these guys!!
We are having crazy warm weather here in Illinois! Honeyman, the Boy,
and I had a 5K this past Saturday and anytime you can do a 5K in December without winter gear... BONUS!!!
We decided the first one was so nice... why not 5K twice!!! So we did one in the morning in Geneseo, IL (cute, cute little town) and a second here in Moline later that day! The second however was an uncontrolled course and not a 5K at all! It was 3.6 miles!

A great weekend was had by all! I sewed! I ran!! I hung with my loved ones!

Linking up with Bonnie!!

Can't wait to see what everyone else is doing!


  1. two x 5 K is twice as many as I have never done...but good on you and your boys for doing it one day! Love those golds and neutral, and oh yes I would have launched right into twirling those centre seams as well, had I not read those instructions. Because twirling those centre seams is such a Bonnie thing!

  2. I almost spinned mine too, but caught myself in time..pretty units.

  3. Yay for keeping up with the mystery!

  4. I see a fabric I used, too! Great blocks!

  5. Lovely little four patches, I love your variety of neutrals.


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