Thursday, December 3, 2015

I have had a BUSY Summer part 2

So if you read yesterdays post you probably saw the photo of me in the band! I saw that photo, too!! I had not bee feeling the best, I was down in the dumps and I was the biggest I have ever been in my life (including when I was pregnant with my kids!) I hurt! I didn't feel well, mentally or physically! I had gotten to that place where I HAD to do something!

Once upon a time in another lifetime ago I was a runner! I honestly loved to run! Now there was no way in this whole wide world I could run in the shape I was in! So, Honeyman walked with me! I said it in many Facebook posts that God gave him long legs so he could push me! That is what he has done!

Before long we were walking 13:30 minute miles! That is almost to the point I had to start jogging beside him because his strides were just to long for me to keep up with!! I told him to keep going! Keep pushing me!! I might not be able to beat other people, but I am only out to beat ME, to better ME!!!

Inflatable 5K with Honeyman and the Boy in Michigan
I am now running! We have done several 5K's this summer! Including an Insane Inflatable in Michigan with our son!!  Glow Time 5K, this HAS to be fun after all!!
Honeyman got called into work so the Boy did a colour run with me! I beat him by 8 minutes!! And a local Hot Cocoa run! My best 5K time so far was for a local College a scholarship fundraiser, my time was 29:48!!
5K Colour run with the Boy
Lagomarcino's Hot Cocoa 5K
Glow Time 5K with a pal!! 

This man is my rock! And YES my hair is PINK!
Then there were the two big race!! In July I ran the BIX 7 (seven mile run) with my oldest and bestest friend in the world (who happened to get this quilt). This course is VERY hilly including a HUGE hill to start!! My goal was under an hour and a half! AND I DID IT!! I have to set goals for me! Not compare myself to anyone else! All I am going for is the best me I can be!!

The BIG BIG race was the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago!!! 
The scenery was amazing!! I love to run outdoors! It fills me with life and renews me!!  We had a wonderful time even if it wasn't my best time! I felt a bit under the weather and I am happy overall with what I have done!

We also did a 5 mile run on Thanksgiving day (the annual Turkey Trot) in the pouring rain!! It was a BLAST!! There may have been rain, but the weather was great! Not cold not windy!! I'll take it!!

Oh, and the best part of this whole journey is so far I am down from 212 lbs on Father's Day to 182 lbs! 30 lbs so far!!  I am a bit sad the weather is getting to cold to run outdoors! We do go to an indoor track to train, but I just don't do well going around and around and...

Anyway! We have signed up for two races a month! I look for great courses and good causes! And all of this is culminating in a MARATHON!! YES!! This year my friends, I turn 40 in August! (Shhh don't tell anyone) My goal is to do our local Quad Cities Marathon!! It is no till the third Sunday in September, so I have ten more months to train! I can do this!! I've got this!! I am strong!! 
In the mean time we are still on the lookout for a half marathon in April or May! Thinking about maybe St. Louis or Chicago!!

Thank you all for stopping by and for listening to this gal rant!! I've got to run! Catch y'all soon!


  1. WTG! And I thought my husband and I were doing good because we're walking 4-5 miles a day. I could never run. Ever. Even when I was young. I'm so happy for you. Keep it up!

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