Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Frostbite Footrace 5K and race updates

My race results
So, here at Scott County Park they have a Frostbite Footrace 5K.  This year was the 34th annual running. Since the races are slim pickins this time of year we decided to run this one!! It was COLD!!! 17 degrees and 8 with wind chill!! I can't say that surprises me! I mean this is Illinois and it was January 16th! I can't say I had my BEST race, but we have not been able to run much since Thanksgiving!

I did however place!!! There were 7 ladies in my age category and I got second!! I am so proud of this medal! Even if it wasn't my best I have to say running when it is that cold outside is... and adventure!! We watched two people fall from ice spots! SO to say that I was watching every foot fall was putting it mildly! But all was well for Honeyman and myself!
2nd place!!

Oh, and it is official, we have signed up for a half marathon in Chicago June 5th and the Quad Cities Marathon (THE FULL MARATHON) September 25th!! We have all summer to train! I am just looking for the best I can do!! That's it! I can only be the best me I can be!! And I DO want to be the best me!! So, I wish me luck! And follow along with my progress!!

Thanks for listening and visiting friends!


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