Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When bowl hunting turns into fabric find!

2 3/8 yards Michael Miller 'Amped Up' for $1.20
So, is it just my house or do bowls go missing everywhere?? We have very limited cupboard space so I don't have a massive amount of dishes. It's just the four of us so why would we need more than a 10 piece place setting?? About two years ago we were down to two bowls! Because the kids are still kids I wasn't going to spend a lot on new dishes, and besides I only needed bowls! So, I purchased six bowls at a local salvation army!
Fast forward to this past weekend and someone (that would be me) dropped a bowl in the sink and managed to break two bowls! We are once again down to two bowls in the house!! So off to the Salvation Army I went AGAIN!
I did NOT find bowls and didn't have time to go to other stores... but what I did find I geeked out over all day long!!!
1 Yards Michael Miller 'Bite Me' for $.60

2 yards Amy Butler 'Love' for $.90

I found nine cuts of fabric! Good quality fabric!! A total of 12 3/4 yards and all together I paid $7.28!!

The Michael Miller fabrics and Amy Butler are unwashed! The other six have been washed and two are missing their selvages but the other four say Timeless Treasures! I have pressed and folded these gems and they are now in my stash! Oh, what will I do with them??

Plus all of these fabrics!!
I'm so happy that my hunt for bowls turned into fabric treasures! But now I have to go hunt down more bowls! I can't be with only two bowls for much longer!

I hope your finds turn into these most wonderful finds!