Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Allietare quilted and bound!!


Another mystery done done done!! I'm not sure if this is my favorite quilt.
 I think it comes down to colour choice, I am just not into the 'fall' colours I prefer the bright ones! However, this is a gift and it will match the recipients colour palette. So that being said It is perfect! Most of my pictures are a bit dreary. It has been tough to get good natural light to get a good texture picture! 


I quilted with an all over freehand of half swirls I think they kids of look like waves! And as always I quilted the recipients name, and her mans name into the quilt! (I just LOVE doing that!) I signed it and this time I also quilted the name of the quilt into it!


I did debate weather or not to scallop the edges of the quilt. I have never done this and would love to skill build, however I just didn't think it looked right with this quilt!

My signature

I had purchased most of the mustardy colours just for this quilt (again not a choice I normally use) so I used what I had left of those for a bias scrappy binding! (I did not get a good picture of that)

I am so very happy to have this finished and ready to deliver! My friend lives a bit far away and I will not see her for another two weeks, so that kind of fun will have to wait!!

In the mean time thanks for visiting!!
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And feeling a bit proud of once again keeping up AND finishing!!
Thanks again friends,


  1. Great to see another one finished and know it is off to a good home.

  2. Your Allietaire quilt is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! I love the quilting - not too much, not too little! But the most awesome part of your post today was seeing feet in a tropical setting - I immediately felt the need to go to Expedia and see what interesting trips are available....

  3. Great Allietare finish! Your friend will LOVE it!!


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