Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 1

Oh, I did it! I started! Normally I like to wait till the end of a QAL to start. I like to change up the colours, I like to make it my own and sometimes I like to do mulitiple steps at once! Especially when I'm working on. One that is as labor intensive as a Bonnie Hunter QAL! But thins time...
Well I have step one finished all but triming up the last dozen or so. I know, week 2 has already been posted, but I went and wrecked up my back and spent all day Sunday druged up and lying on a heating pad! So I am trying to take it slow and let it heal up.
One more week and we will be out of here for 2 weeks! Let's cross our fingers for good flying weather!
Have a great day friends
See you soon
Till then, quilt on!

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