Saturday, December 28, 2013

Not our typical Christmas

Well Hello Friends from Sunny Florida! Well kind of overcast this morning, but NOT snowy so I will take it!
It is hard to believe that our two weeks is almost up! We have had such a great time! Uncle Timmy has been such a great host and so wonderful to take the four of us in! We have packed a LOT into this time down here!

I finished up a quilt and gave it to my Niece Natalie for Christmas! I worked on the binding on the flight here and on the drive down to Key West!

our view from our room!!
My Fam!
We Drove down to Key west for the weekend! Drove over the Seven Mile Bridge! And visited the Southern most point of our United States!
We rode on a hover thingy I the Everglades and drove down Alligator Alley and saw a BAJILLION alligators!!!

Uncle Timmy and Lil
Darien and Natalie
Uncle Timmy and the kids made gingerbread houses!

We celebrated Christmas in true Timmy fashion! We watched the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy, Darien, Timmy, and Honeyman played a Star Wars fantasy something or another game, then we watched Star Wars I, II, & III! Yes we are in that kind of home! LOL
We also went to Bush gardens and rode coasters and Lil had the high light of her vacation when she got to meet this guy...
Just look at the sheer joy!
Oh he knew he was making this kids day, too! He was playing it up! It did my heart good!
We also visited MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) And are planning Lego Land for today!
WOW that is a LOT! I'm glad when we get back I have a few days to recover from this vacation! But really, it has been such a wonderful trip! We did not exchange gifts, the time together WAS our gift! I just hope our children see it as such!
We fly out on Monday! I do so hope Allegiant does not mess up our return flight... Oh, I forgot to mention our flight here was SUPPOSED to be at 4:00! It got moved back to 5:15... and then to 8:30!!! That is a late flight and they had no other options! Since booking we have heard from several friends who have also had HORRIBLE experiences with them! I will not fly with them again!!
Sorry, done with rant! LOL
I'm off to start my day!
 Have a great one friends!

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