Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No beginning/end of the month update because...

Because I spent the better part of Feb in Mexico!!
(OK so a lot of pics and NONE quilt related!!)
Honeyman and his Brother!
Let me start with the fact that I got to deliver my Grand Illusion to my Aunt before we left! YUP, I forgot to take a picture!! We stay at her house the night before we leave because she is close to the airport! She has such a giving soul and I love her dearly!! I used to spend a week each summer (sometimes two weeks) at her house, so the house is nothing strange to me!
OK This trip was to Cancun! It also happened to be Honeyman's 40th birthday!! YAY!! We ate that night at the fancy place and they served him up some chocolate cake (even though he's not really a big eating cake kinda guy)

RyGuy, KC, Honeyman, & me!!
For the first week there were 5 of us, Honeyman and myself, of course, His Brother Timmy (who is stationed in FL) and our bestest couple friends here KC N RyGuy! I think it is safe to say we all had a pretty good time! I think I am getting a little older because I was in bed each night by 10:30 at the latest and up every morning between 5 & 6!! One morning I was even WIDE AWAKE at 4:30!!!

After KC n RyGuy left the three of us had a few excursions!!

We visited Isla Mujeres (Island of Women), we went snorkeling, and THEN somehow these two knuckle heads talked me into the BOB!!!

Lets start with the AMAZING pics from Isla Mujeres

More history and info about the island can be found here

Ok, I have no pictures of snorkeling, but then there was the BOB!!! I'm not gonna lie to y'all.. I was scarred s*#!less!! In the end it really wasn't that much to get worked up about and I'm glad I did it!! So it is kind of a cross between a motorcycle and a scuba! but not as fast as a motor cycle and not as deep as scuba! In fact you are only about 16 feet below the surface!! I STILL can NOT believe I let the guys talk me into this... and my BIL gave me the most crap! Guess who had to come up half way through the dive!!! YUP!! Poor Timmy!! (hehe)

It really was VERY cool! There are so many more AMAZING things we did and saw!! I am grateful that we have family and friends to vacation with and to help hold down our house while we are gone!! 
As much as I love to be away I am glad to be home! (and my poor little dog whined for an hour when we got home and would not leave our side!!)
I am so glad to get to sit down at my machine today! Oh, how I have missed you!!!
See y'all soon!!

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  1. Diving looks like a blast, I might even do that...Happy birthday to your husband !