Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working like CRAZY!! I'm so psyched!!!

I have been sewing up a storm!!

I have made progress on the Quillow  I have all of the squares quilted and two rows together! I have to quilt up the name square yet! I put one of the strips on backward and decided to set it aside for a minute so I didn't take my rotary cutter to it!

I have also made BOUNDS of progress on the quilt I designed!! I am so proud of this quilt! I am giving it to my oldest and dearest friend! When it came to the colour choices I asked her for an inspiration photo! This is what she sent me...
I love it! The only problem I see is the colours are VERY similar to the Grand Illusion I just finished! Oh well! I love the palette! I have all of the pieces cut and the blocks half sewn together! It is a VERY Bonnie Hunter inspired pattern! Scrappy, semi traditional, with a twist!!

So, I have a question to throw out there!! I know my readership is WAY down! I have not had that much time pop on here (no, I have not MADE that much time to pop on here) would anyone be interested in a quilt along?? Would you rather a mystery or know what kind of crazy you are getting into?? I have already typed up instructions for the parts!
I'm not going to lie, this is not a throw together in a weekend quilt! It is more like a Celtic Solstice intensity! Oh, that being said please do not think I am even TRYING to compare myself to Bonnie! I just love her work and they inspire me!!

Let me know!! I'm so psyched about this quilt! And because it is for someone I don't know what I would do without It means even more to me! I promise if you like a BHQAL you would not be disappointed in this one! (well the end result anyway!)

See Y'all soon!!

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  1. You must be excited because every sentence ended in an exclamation point! I notice my quilts tend to have a color theme, usually unintentionally. I just gravitate to those colors! My blog readership/comments have been down too, I wonder if it is that I haven't been blogging as much or that people aren't clicking through from the readers to comment, or something else...?

  2. The fabrics are a wonderful palette for the inspiration photo! Love them!