Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Busy Mind

So, a little bit back I made a square for a swap! Silly me.... I made backwards!!
The rainbow colours should go clockwise and these go counter clockwise! Any way! Into the orphan block pot it goes!! (I'm sure EVERYONE knows all about that!
A while back I had been reading a blog (and for the life of me I can not find the picture) and there was a modern scrappy quilt done in the round! I decided that this block would be a great jumping off point for that!
I have it all drawn up and math ROUGHLY done! But oh.... it is swiming in my mind and I can not get it out!!

Yesterday I decided I have to take the plunge and start this thing! I thought about trying to make it a quilt along, but I don't have fancy soft ware to make up a mock sketch and well the way my mind works you don't want to see those scribbles! LOL
I have two of the rounds started, but I used the last of my Kona black last night and will have to get more before I get to into the rest!!
I hope to have a few little tidbits to show tomorrow!!
Till then...
Quilt on Friends,

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