Monday, September 16, 2013

Where has this year gone???

Sew just a McRazie catch up on my year!
Spent Jan and Feb not really feeling the best. Not sure why! but I pressed on!! To be honest not a whole lot of quilty stuff happened in those 2 months!!
Honeyman took pity on my and tried to make me feel better, he is the sweetest!! Anyone remember my DREAM... well Honeyman bought me on, SQUEAL!! To be truthful there was not a lot sewn on it in the first month!
In May our oldest Daughter turned 18, graduated from High School, and moved out! WOW what a change!
Our biggest thrill of the summer was camping for almost 2 months! (not straight, but all together)!
Lil and her bike!!
Lillian was THRILLED because Grandma and Grandpa bought her a set of wheels!!! However she spilled it the second week she had it and we thought she broke her arm! We dodged a bullet and it was just sprained REAL bad!! Thank the lord for small miracles!

The guy in the red cap is our director!
I did spend quite a bit of the summer going back and forth d\between the Quad Cities and Maquoketa this summer as the Timber City Band that I am honored to be allowed to play in had FIVE performances this year!!  (I play flute if y'all don't know) One of the performances was the big band festival in Boone, IA. It is a 4 hour drive! So my day was 1 hour drive to Maquoketa, 4 hour bus ride to Boone, played and listened to AMAZING bands for 7 hours, big dinner, 4 hours back to Maquoketa, 1 hour back home... This gal was counting the miles as it was 5 AM when I got up and ready and it was 1:30 AM when I HIT the bed! I really did have a GREAT time!

Darien and Archie
School started in Aug and for the first time since our oldest started kindergarten we only have to deal with
ONE school!!! Lil is in 8th grade this year and Darien is in 6th! Both in Middle School!! Yippy!

Honeyman on vacation
Honeyman continues to be my hot fireman, but this year he has also taken on a teaching position! Getting the next rescue heroes ready! hehe!

I continue to watch kids! However 2 of my babies just left and I am down to the last 3! This is it! I mean it NO MORE! LOL I have a Connor (5, happy birthday today to him!) his sister Ellie Jo (2), and Miss Charlie Tuna (11 months)!! I have told the Mommies (and Daddies) 1 year 8
months and 6 days till I retire!! And then...

I am setting goals! I will be back with goals friend!!
Till then...
Quilt on friends,

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