Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Celtic Solstice Part 3 & 5

Part 3 Pinwheels!
I'm sure many other sewed Sunday while watching the Super Bowl. I sat and sewed most of the day. I have to say I'm not a crazy football fan, but a good game is OK to watch... that was NOT a good game. I didn't really care who won, but man...
Part 5 split triangle unit
OK now to the post! LOL I have been plugging along on my Celtic Solstice! Part 3 & 5 are finished and NOW... the fun stuff!! I have to admit I have about half of the 54-40 blocks done because I was using them as leaders and enders.
Trays ready sorted!!
Now I have looked at what other people have done and i have to say I LOVE the 'accidental' star blocks!! So I have mine all ready to go! Set out on trays (lids) I need 60 of the 54-40 blocks, 17 of the 'accidental stars' and 44 of the squares (or are they diamonds??)  At any rate! I have my hands full! Come on nap time!!
Stay warm out there friends!
See you soon! Till then...
Quilt on!

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