Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a few finishes!

I really have been working on stuff...
Wonky pound

Wonky pound

Whirly Gig

Comfort Quilt
I finished up the two wonky pounds for Brandie! They are in the mail! I finished the Whirly Gig and it is also on its way across the pond!!
My two for comfort quilts are done, I bought batiks for the first time ever. I am not really into them, but she requested 'ocean blues' and to me batiks scream water! I hope they work for her! :)
I have also been working on... I can't show you because it is for the Hop!! What hop you ask... well check out the list in the morning!! I am going to be table top hopping along with some other very talented quilters!! I finished one, but was really not happy with it! The only thing we were told is it has to be in your heart! Well I tell you it was a butterfly and they are just not in my heart! So back to the drawing board i went and I am loving the new choice! I have to get the binding on and hope like the dickens that the stand I ordered over a week ago gets here on time!! AAHHHH!!! LOL
 OK I will tease you a little, ready...
What, what, what??

 I do hope you will join us for another great hop!! I am off to work on


  1. Very perrrty! I love the Comfort Quilt ... nicely done!!!

  2. I joined Marcia's Linking blog and have come across your site. I have enjoyed reading several of your posts today and look forward to receiving future posts. I just became your 43'd Follower. Had to laugh when I saw you header. I take a photo of every beach I visit with knitting in hand (recently found addiction). I noticed that we have allot in common.