Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend works and my Monday rant

Wow, this weekend FLEW by! Can I tell you I was SEW happy to have a few hours on Saturday to myself at the house! Honeyman was off on Saturday (which will be happening more often rant at the end of post!) and he took the kids to the park and down to the trails at the State park! It is so rare for me to have the house all to myself and I tell you I took full advantage of it!!
White squares

 I had to include this first pic to show you the ruler that I just can't find it in my heart to replace! YUP that is my 6x22, well in my case 6x 18-on-one-side, 19-on-the-other!! LOL

Step 2!!
Half way there!!
Now to the red!!

 I have all of my rainbows done!! Now I have to move onto my red!! I mean come on really!! What kind of a quilt does not have red in it!! LOL! Plenty of cutting and sewing left to do!

OK, Rant moment! If you want to just skip to the end now! LOL So Honeyman is a Fireman and also works a second job (as most of the guys do!). He has worked at local Hospitals and for a short time with our friends who own Invisible Fence! Well one of our local FD decided they wanted to stir things up and try to privatise their city ambulance service! Now, I DO NOT like to get involved with political stuff... unfortunately the Union brothers had to ban together and enforce one of the guidelines that says they are not to work in 'like' jobs if it interferes with someone on a FD having a job! (the other city was looking at laying off 12 FFs!!) So all of the guys at my husbands department who worked for a local ambulance service (SEVENTEEN of them) had to turn in their notice! I kind of understand, but on the other hand It kind of makes me sad! 1) These services are loosing guys with YEARS of experience 2) some of us do rely on that income! I know that the local hospitals have lost a LOT of good guys to this and it was because the city thought they would be saving money (which in the long term they really weren't)! OK this brings me back to Honeyman! Boy Now he has to come up with a hobby, he does golf and have a membership, because he get real antsy being home for those 48 hours!! LOL On the other hand I think I will get to camp a lot more over the summer! Ya to the camper! Now I will have to learn red work or embroidery so I have something to take along!!!
I do have one more thing I was working on over the weekend, but I have not had a chance to make it to the store and it is a surprise!! shhhhhh keep guessing!!
Thanks all for coming and spending time with me!!
Come back soon!!


  1. Hi Jose,
    I'd say you have every right to rant! Sometimes I think people with new ideas bit off their own nose! Your squares are lovely and can't wait to see them all together, along with the red ones. I'm a RED Fan! My hubby works 3 12 hour shifts a week, and it is good he works the 3 shifts in a three day row, so he has the 4 days. He does stain glass and music~ ♥♥♥

  2. wow it looks like you have been up to a lot!! can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. Oh my gosh! You did a BUNCH of sewing! I'm anxious to see what it will become...

    Josie, it seems like all government agencies have lost every lick of common sense these days. I call it "opposite world". If its something logical, reasonable and ain't gonna happen. Hang in there.

    Hey. Maybe Honeyman would like to become a longarm quilter! I know lots of men who are and they are really good at it! And they get to use a really really really big piece of equipment!
    Just kidding...kinda.