Friday, April 20, 2012

Just food for thought!

So last night the Boy's school had a 'Family Wellness Night'! We normally try to make it to the school events (we are after all only two and a half blocks from the school!) Can I tell you this lady is in a world of hurt!! I ZUMBA-ED!! LOL
They had a dietitian from Hy-vee there and helped the kids make a great Trail mix. They also made Yogurt Parfaits.
There were also different fitness activities going on! This is what drew my son there! See we were watching The Biggest Loser a few weeks back and they went to a Zumba class! Well if you are not familiar with this it is like Jazz-er-cise, but they normally do it in a dance club type atmosphere! Well! It was HYSTERICAL watching these little kids doing Zumba!!! And the dance leader was cracking up, too!! She was a hoot!! It will be interesting to see if the Boy is a little stiff when he comes home from school today!! LOL
OK, sorry no pics of fun stuff today! However if you want a great giveaway (and when I say great I really mean AMAZING) go check out Kiera's Blog ummmm can we say WOW!! She is crazy fun and always has great ideas!!
OH, And guess what all.... Thank you and welcome to my new followers! I hope you can put up with my 'humor'! I know I tend to be dry! LOL I will have a giveaway SOON!! This coming week is very hectic with a few Dr. apts (both me and the Girl) so! I hope by the end of next week to have it all ironed out! Stay tuned!!
As always thanks for visiting!! And come back soon!!

Honeyman and I!
 OK so it is COLD and rainy and I need my fix of WARM pics! And I know y'all LOVE the header! LOL just FYI I DO take pics of our feet where ever we go!! LOL
What a view!
Right beside me!!

Chichen-Itza!! B E A U T I F U L!!!


  1. Love your posts...they make me SMILE!!!

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!!!