Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magnolia Buds

OK, I got one check item done while the littles were asleep.
Here is back story, sorry y'all know I have to! My Dad teaches bridge at a Sr. center. He plays with a lady named Joyce. He had mentioned to her that I quilt and she told him about the Mississippi Valley Quilt Guild. Dad had not payed attention when I had told him I already belonged to the guild! Anyway, because my Dad said so I looked for her at one of our meetings (I am that kind of gal) and she is in charge of our block to raffle program. The way ours works is the guild supplies instructions and background fabric for $.25 a block. You supply everything else. We, as a committee, cut the fabric and ready the supply. We sell them for two months on the third month they are to be turned in and the fourth month we draw from whoever put in a block and if you win you get 20 (or so) blocks! You get your name put in once for every block you do. This last time we cut 225 'blocks'. All but six sold and Joyce bought the remaining ones. But since she had already done like 20 she gave them to me. ggrrrr. Oh, how did I became part of the committee when I had only been a member of the guild for three months you ask, well Joyce was going to be unavailable for evening meetings and she called me and I do not know how to say NO!! LOL So, help I will!!
The Magnolia Bud blocks are 8 inch finished. Guild supplied background and we asked that they be pinks and the 'throat' be a deep pink/fuchsia colour. MINE ARE DONE!!! LOL

Apparently Blogger likes them upside down!

Thank goodness you can't see my dead grass!
Have a great day! I thought yesterday was Thursday all day long!
Oh, prayer request. One of my Littles (Miss Ella) has a grandfather who has had a stroke on Tuesday. He is a very active guy and was three states away from home gassing up his RV when it hit him. (Thank the lord they were not driving) He is in a strange state, with his wife, in a strange hospital.  His sons have driven down to be with him and Mom and things are looking like it was very minor. They now have to decide how to get him (an the RV) to a place called HOME!
Have a great one,


  1. I love your blocks, they are so pretty.
    Oh my, I've had my days mixed up all week long! I can't keep them straight!

  2. Oh, your blocks are lovely. Blogger sometimes turns my pictures sideways. I don't know what's up with that. If you ever figure it out, please let me know.
    P.S. Love how your toenails look in your header pic :)

  3. GREAT looking blocks!!
    I will keep Miss Ella's granddad in my prayers.I hope they can get him home soon!

  4. Well see,Josie, your Good Deed was rewarded and you got an extra day.....well, sort
    Your blocks are beautiful and prayers for your friend.

  5. I bet it feels SO good to have these blocks done!

    I will definitely keep little Ella's grandad in my prayers.

    Happy Easter, Josie!

  6. Love the blocks! Hope Ella's grandpa is doing okay.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful magnolia buds Josie!!!!

  8. You are sooo nice to help when you were asked! I really luv those pretty's a nice pink.

    Sorry to hear about the sad mishap with the couple and the RV. =(