Sunday, April 1, 2012

March RMQ Challenge

Gonna keep this short and sweet. I cannot say that i am very proud of this months results and I am a day late getting them up but to be honest to me I had to get them on here! I did an awful LOT of doodling and I do think that my doodles turned out much better than the stitchin! Oh well!! Here they are!
Just a few of my doodles

loopety loop
swirly things
I did do a flowery one, too... but ummm NOPE not gonna share that one! I think it is gonna hit the burn pile!! :)
Have a great April Fools Day!
OH, I will pop on later I got my quilt to together...


  1. Josie, the loopty loop turned out good but the swirly things are really nice! Good job!

  2. Your FMQ came out good. My best one was the flowers and those didn't come out great. Go figger.

  3. i think your fmq is pretty darn good!