Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Checklist

Wow, just a food for thought and collecting mine!
Can I fist say I was SO kicking myself in the behind last night! I need to remember to take my camera to my guild meeting! Last night our speaker was Bonnie Hunter. Her quilts are amazing and she is a very charismatic speaker! I was in tears at the end! (I know shush, I am a crier) But she really spoke to me!! I wish I had had more time to LOOK at her quilts and I SO wish I would have been able to do the retreats! NEXT TIME! She has to come back to see us! Oh, I do think I have mentioned before the retreats are TWO blocks from my house!!!!! YUP! I know I have mentioned that I am a hermit and do not often get out! Now do you see what I am sayin! TWO blocks and I cannot make it there! Sheesh!!

OK I think I have more time this weekend so I have to make myself my to do list!!
1) Bee Creative April for Brandie (UMMM Done just need a siggy block!)
2) We Bee Learning April Block ( has not yet been posted)
3) Comfort Quilts April Block (need to go to the fabric store I do not have the right colours)
4) Mini for the Sew We Quilt Blog Hop (not sure what I am going to do! Be sure to look for me on the17th)
5) Get my Bloggers BOM done for March It is the only thing I do that comes out at the end of the month, but for me that translates to the beginning of the next month!
6) do the stupid magnolia bud blocks... OK so I was sucked into helping with the BOMish thing we do for our guild. Really it is a BO every third M LOL. The last one was a Magnolia Bud and they are due next month and then they will have a drawing. We sold all but the last six that we cut. Well Joyce bought them and because she had already made like 20 herself she gave them to me. I am not a flower gal and am not really a fan of the block. BUT I WILL DO IT! Because I said I would and that is just the kind of gal I am! LOL
The next one is a stupid Butterfly block (now ask me how I really feel LOL) and I already did two of those and am not a fan of those either.
7) decide on a back for Ad Lib and get that bad boy sandwiched and START IT!!! :) I can do it, I can do it, I CAN DO IT!!

I think that pretty much covers it!! Not really that much! I think I have a free weekend ( I know it is Easter and all, but Honeyman has to work on Sunday so we are not really doing anything, I don't think!

OH, On a side note... We pulled out the camper last night for her maiden 2012 voyage!! AHHH I love my camper! But, here I am at home because I have the littles today!
Have a great Thursday!!!


  1. Um, I'm exhausted reading your "To-Do-List" - exhausted!!!!!!!

    but, good on ya! Can't wait to see the pictures!!

    and I envy you in a guild ... I don't quite "fit-in" up here in our guild ... AT ALL!! So, I don't go ... I can barely walk in our store without getting the stink eye! (doesn't help that I do it 1/2 purposely to piss the owner off!)

    anyways!! Post pictures!! :)

  2. lovely to-do list. can't wait to see pictures too. I didn't know Brandie wanted a siggy block.... oh well its in the mail

  3. Yep, you can do it! I'm not a butterfly-quilt-block-kind-of-person either. :D

  4. Wow! You sound busy! My machine has been in the shop for a month!!!!!! And it is only two years old! I have done just a little sewing on my old machine, but it has been report card time & parent teacher conference time which doesn't leave me much time to sew. Can't wait to see your finished products!