Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oops I did it again...

"Josie," you say!
"Yes, Friend?" I reply.
"Is that what I think it is?"
"Ummmm, nope, well, maybe... all right you caught me! I started another project!!"
Now my friends is the time to say, What in the world were you thinking!!!
I would reply something like... wait I have no excuses! NONE!! LOL!
I had the stuff!! Is that an excuse?? See all of these fabric swaps I do they have these brilliant little four inch square and even though the pattern I am kinda, sorta, but not really making, following, using as inspriation, calls for a layer cake... I decided I can improvise!! This morning however I had to admit I told EllBelle that my thinker was not working properly! She asked if she could kiss it and make it all better! Bless that little angel!!
OK, Here are a few pics to peak your interest!!
Fanned LOL

Stacked!! :)

Anyone know what I am doing??
So the DNP I do have to put one more row of sashing around. I thought about just leaving them at this odd 11 inch finished size... but I like to use my big old 12 1/2 inch ruler to square them up WAY to much!! SO! Oh, and  the center squares in the big square were a 10 inch, but since I was using quarter yard cuts that I alread had, mine were cut to 8 1/2 inch! Use what you have!!
Oh, I love this pattern!! I will tell y'all what it is when I get a little closer to done and I do so hope I have done it a little bit of justice!!

On a side note I just have to make a complaint an observation! I love the spring! I love the smells, the weather, the flowers! I alos love to have my windows open! but... HEY, next time y'all go to buy a house and you are told it is in a quiet neighborhood or that it is an elderly neighborhood, can I translate that for you if you have very small children or infants!! That translates to everyone in the neighborhood mows their lawn between the hours of 12:30 and 2:00!! No, really!! I have five neighbors who I believe to be on a five day cylce thoughout the week and have banded against me!! I have to run around my house and make a MAD dash to close the windows just to be sure that the little ones have not woke up from their naps!! Wow, why can I not live in a neighborhood where everyone works during the day!! LOL Leave me here to watch the nighborhood! OR, better yet I would LOVE to be in the country!! (but when we moved here Honeyman was on a restriction where we could live because of his job)
OK thanks for humoring me with that last little bit of conspiracy theory! LOL!
Get outside! Enjoy the day! Or stitch a little! I am back to see if my thinker is working yet to calculate those last sashings (because for the life of me I just could not do it this morning)!!

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  1. your squares looks great! Can't wait to see it all together!! I feel your lawn mower pain....however I live out in the country were there are no noise bylaws with lots of eldery people who think it is okay to mow at 7am....and once one starts they all