Friday, March 16, 2012

It just occurred to me

The green roof made it perfect for St.Pats!!
I dont' know if I spelled occurred right! (HA I will tell y'all I spelled it wrong and spell check caught it!)LOL

I promise I will not drone on. Today is once again March 16th  and it has been eight years. My Dad came over last night and he was a little blue. OK, off my box,  I will not dwell on this for this post.

I also realized that my one year Blogg-o-versary has come and gone! Hey, I am now one!! hehe! Oh, how this past year has flown by! I do not feel like I have been here for a whole year! I have to say thank you to my bloggy friends! You mean more to this hermit than you know!!
So St. Patty's day it Saturday!! Anyone drinking green beer??? Last year one of Honeyman's fellow firemen had a kegger with green beer!! That was a first for me and it was kind of wierd drinking green beer! To be honest I prefer my beer DARK! I am a Guinness gal!!! Yup, the thicker the better!! Well, bright and early I am going with my BFF Kathie and doing a 5K, notice I did NOT say running!! But I will give it my best! I told her it would probably be best if I had a Guinness in my hand, however it was decided since it will be very early in the morning that is probably frowned upon :(  so no beer in my hand! LOL!!

After that I am not really sure what I am doing! I have been invited to six different places! Sad tats this year!! Oh, wait I did not tell anyone about that one yet!! So if y'all (yes I do like that word and use it very often) are paying attention let me tell you this... once I hit 50 followers (I am at 33) I am going to do a three truths and a lie giveaway!!! So, before then I cannot tell you the story of my tats!!! hhhmmmm!!! Have I intrigued you?? I do hope so!! If you have never played truths/lies, we used to do it at every managers meeting I went to when I was working! It is really kind of a fun way to get to know someone!! I love it!! Plus, I have already decided what I am going to do and even have a post partially writen and in the works!!
I crack up at the pic over here! I asked the Boy to hold my beer and then took a pic of him! But really I was trying to get a pic of Honeyman's hair!! LOL He was in BAD need of a cut that morning so when I cut it I left a 'Mole Hawk' (as my son calls them) and we had gotten spray in hair colour for the Brat, so we went to town on his hair, too!! The guys LOVED it!! oh, it was cold and windy last year!! Let us pray for  better weather this year!! On a side note... that spray in stuff is a pain and leaves flakes ALL over!! But I would still do it again!! hehe
Well! I think I have given everyone a lot to take in today!! Have a SAFE and fun St.Patty's day!!! I will probably see you on Sunday!!
Blessed weekend,


  1. Good Luck on the 5k! And when it comes to Guinness(my fav too!!) its always 5oclock somewhere :P Have a great week-end

  2. Happyy blogversary and keep on posting!!! Have a great weekend.