Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring cleaning!!

OK, no fun pics today, just a little ahhhh!! The weather has been amazing here! The next few days we are supposed to get up over 80!! Love!!
My best friend Kathie
Over the weekend my very dear friend Kathie was kind enough to cut my Lillian's hair. She used to own her own hair salon and is an amazingly talented hair dresser, but I digress!! Her hubby (Phil) was gone for the weekend (he is my birthday buddy!!) and she was cleaning out her closets!! So, I offered to help, and bring the drinks! LOL! Well Kathie did an amazing job of getting rid of stuff! We took two trips to the Salvation Army!!
I took home three bags of clothes that no longer fit her, most of them work out clothes, and when I got home I decided to be true to myself I had to get rid of at least as much as I took from her!! SO!! Off to my bedroom to clean!! Can I tell you, I got rid of 22 pairs of jeans!! I had seven bags and eight boxes of STUFF from my bedroom!! (and my room is not that big and I have little to no closet space!!) I felt so much lighter just decluttering! Well, I did not stop there!!
I am really good about going through my kids' clothes and taking them to the Salvation Army (only six blocks form my house) but I am HORRIBLE about their toys!! SO!! Toys it was!! My kids were champs! They let go of SO much that they no longer play with!! This is my van with the back seat folded DOWN and there is more stuff on the two back seats! Oh, did I mention this is WITHOUT the stuff that came from my room, Kathie was kind enough to come over and help me take that stuff over!
I feel so accomplished! And I blame Kathie!! LOL!! She sent me a text, told me thank you and she loved me! I texted back and told her I hated her!! (she knew what I was saying and I did follow it up with but I always love you!! hehe)
#1 Love
OK, now that I have some cleaning done I can get back to some stitching right! I have done something!!! My local quilt guild makes doll quilts and it is all donated material and batting. At our last meeting I took three of them and decided I would try to 'help' and maybe get a little experience while I was at it! Now, I did NONE of the piecing, I only squared it up, pillowcased it, and quilted it. We just do simple pillowcaseing and then whatever quilting you feel apropriate!
#2 Puppy paws
Here we go...
 #1 I just used the fun stitches on my machine to go around each of the squares.
#2 I kind of had a hard time with this one. not the stitching so much, but the fabric on the back is this BEAUTIFUL paw print and a VERY nice piece of fabric. That red and blue on the front is very cheap and not very well constructed. But it is not my choice, I only did what I was told. I did a simple criss cross and stitch in the ditch, kind of, the lines were not very well lined up, so I kind of had to fudge it (well it would be like working on my own, because I am not so very straight either, so I guess it was great practice! LOL)

#3 I tried my hand on one of the purses in pebbling, I think I need a little lot more work on this!! Most of it I did an all over squiggly thing, but I also did the leaves we worked on in Jan FMQ Challenge along the top and bottom red borders!! I know they are not perfect, but I am getting a little better! Can I also say the fabric in this one was amazing!!
OK, so I said no pics and ended up with a few! Never know what you are going to get with me!
OH,  I think my project for today...Hexi-table runner, OMG!! I am loveing it!! I HAVE TO MAKE ONE!!! I know I am a geek! hehe!
Everyone have a great day!! I know I will!!


  1. Hi Josie, you sound so bright and happy! Enjoyed reading your post today!

  2. Hi Josie, For a post with no pictures...fantastic photos! My gosh.. you are a beautiful lady. I loved the decluttering story and leaves on your purse fabric. It must feel great to have decluttered your home. Good job, spring cleaning starts early at your house. The doll quilts are wonderful, I'm sure the little girls will love using them with their dollies.

  3. looks like you have been very productive!