Friday, March 23, 2012

I don't always have a plan!!

Do you quilt without a plan? Sometimes there is just so much going on in my head and I can't get it out fast enough! You know those people who meditate, well I am not one of them! I cannot shut my mind off long enough to just BE!! I say if I were a kid today I would have the whole alphabet listed behind my name! You know! Josie, ADHDPQRST!! Just sayin! Well, i also cannot throw out little scraps, I don't know if I am cheap or thrifty or both! LOL I just did another 'charm square' swap and all those little scraps that are left behind, yup into a bucket they went! Well I decided to start throwing them together! Really, not without a plan of where I am heading with them! Here is what I have come up with so far...
I think I am going to take these two apart!

I was so angry with myself! I pulled out what I THOUGHT was my double sticky stuff, but alas it was my freezer paper! I guess I should have paid more attention! So Ella's name is going to end up being scrappy looking! OOPS! Oh, her favorite colour is purple and since I had all of these purple scraps.... And y'all know I am a red FREAK! What is a quilt if it has no red in it!! he he 
Wonky all the way!

I love scraps!

 lots of strings happening!!

Not sure how I am going to bring them all together! I think I might just go get some yardage, but who knows! Still working it out in my head! LOL

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Hope it is a productive day out there in blogland!
Happy Stitchin,


  1. wow you have been busy!! Great work!

  2. Hey, Josie, my world is FULL of mistakes I decided to live with. My seam ripper already gets too much use. I like the way your project turned out.

  3. How neat! I'm like you, I like to use every last scrap, I have lots of UFO blocks on hand all the time.

  4. Josie, you aren't alone in "not always having a plan".....most of my projects just sort of "happen" because even if I make a plan....I end up making changes and well...those changes work! BTW...I have nominated you for an award which you can read about on my blog. :)