Friday, March 2, 2012

Soon I think I may just wither away to nothing!

OK this is just a blathering about this and that day. So if you have come fro my normal cheery stuff I don't have it today, come back tomorrow! LOL If you want to sit and chat with me... carry on!

First EVER trip outside the US!!
So I make it no secret that I am a big girl. I have always been. Well, I thought in High School when I was 130 lbs (5'7") that I was a big girl and I think that is because I have a very athletic shape. I take after my Mother and have broad shoulder and the girls... well they take up a whole zip code of their own if you know what I mean! LOL I always joke and say I kept 15 lbs from each pregnancy! But since my youngest is 10 I can't blame it on that! To tell you the truth I am just a big foodie! All kinds of food! So for the last five years or so I have held pretty steady between 197-202. I don't hide it as it is what it is! I am very active. I do 5k's. I play outside in the summer. I know if I would exercise regularly I could probably drop 10 or 15 lbs. But I don't! Have I ever told y'all I am brutally honest? Even to myself!

Can someone say Margaritaville??
Well the last several months I have not felt well. I have a pain in my chest under my right breast (lower rib cage area) that has gone undiagnosed. They have done blood work, an EEG, a chest x-ray, and a CT. They can find nothing. But I tell you, I have a very high threshold for pain (had three out of my four children with NO DRUGS the other was c-section, boo) and there are days I am couch ridden. I do try to keep everything running as it should in my house.  I am the CEO around here!!
Well, I am not sure what has gone on, but I have began to lose weight. Normally I would celebrate and cheer! But the problem is I am doing nothing different! I am now down to 182. Don't get me wrong I love that that dreaded 2 is not in front of my weight, but some days it really kind of scares me. I told Honeyman we will wait till the summer and see what the next few months bring. I just don't know. 
Side of the road! To cool had to stop!!
I know this is not a bight and cheery post but I just had to gripe for a moment! If you made it this far, I thank you for listening to me! Sometimes we just have to moan! I am normally the one people call to let it out and some days I have guess I have to be that person as well!
OK Done! I do so hope that everyone has a great day and an amazing weekend!!
Tomorrow will be better!!


  1. Josie go immediately and find another doctor. Weight loss like that is not normal. I'm not a medical person but I'm old and experienced! Do everything you haven't done...blood sugar, upper GI, pap smear, thyroid check, mammogram, etc. and then do it all again. Your children are worth whatever you have to do to be positive nothing is wrong. And don't let anyone tell you're being silly or a hypochondriac or anything else. Think children and do it anyway. You're probably fine but you need to KNOW that. Meanwhile, I have lifted you up in prayer today asking for healing, wisdom and strength. Blessings, Marlene

  2. I know first hand what is it like to get the run around from doctors...and its sure sucks doesn't it. I agree with Marlene keep pestering the docs until you get answers. With rapid weightloss they will likely start to move quicker now!

  3. Hi Josie, I must agree with the other comments. Find another doctor or back to yours to explain the symptoms and get diagnosed. This is too important to play wait and see. I'm sending warm thoughts and positive energies your way.

  4. Josie girl.......I hope you feel better soon, sucks feeling like crap! Sending you tons of well wishes....and I agree find a different doctor, dont wait!

  5. Well I have to agree. You need to get to the bottom of things. I would recommend that you get yourself an appointment at the University of Iowa and bring all of your tests to them. They will figure it out!! Don't mess around any longer at the smaller hospitals. They just don't have the experience that the docs at the U have. Keeping you in my prayers.

  6. Josie, I agree with everyone else! Find another doctor, let them know you aren't doing anything different but are losing weight plus let them know everything else. Have you had a mammogram?

  7. Josie, Sorry to read that you're not up to par. With the unexplained weight loss, it's necessary to have it checked out. I have a friend who lost 20 lb in two weeks and it was caused by thyroid. Who knows? Have yourself checked out again to be safe. Take care!!!

  8. Some excellent advice Josie, my first thought was thyroid. Get yourself back to the doctor.

  9. Josie, It's time to stop guessing, bite the bullet and find out what is going on. Health issues caught early have a much better chance of treatment. You are asking for prayer for everyone else but yourself.!! You need to be the CEO of take your little keister to the DR. this week or at least make an appt. to an internist. MAKE someone listen to your concerns. Write down everything you've told us and tell your Dr. You told us for a reason!! You need us to light a fire under you! We all want to hear that next week, Josie has a either BEEN to the Dr. OR has an appointment! I'm making a special place on PRS for Josie!!
    We all care!!

  10. Hey thanks for the link to your blog- I have enjoyed seeing your projects and your family. I gotta agree with everyone...find a good doctor. God knows there are tons of quacks out there. Maybe try a nurse practitioner. They always seem very willing to go the extra mile.

    I love the story about honeyman and honeylady, by the way.