Sunday, March 18, 2012

I used to...

Me, Kathie, Mindy
Well, I don't think I am 16 anymore! Sometimes I think I am!! LOL You know how some people say 'I used to...' Well I come from a guys who 'used to' (my Dear Daddy) and to be honest I am one of those people as well! I try not to be because it really makes my Honeyman angry! OK I will start with 'I used to... be an athlete!' Yup! In High School I played Volleyball, Basketball, and I ran track! I was a distance runner! And even thought I jest about it, I actually love to run and I like to work out! I know! But I don't do it anymore!
Yesterday I RAN (part of) the 5k!! What in the name of everything holy was I thinking!!! LOL!! I started walking with my dear friend Kathie and I was bouncing around (because of course there was no Guinness in my hand) and I was kind of disheartened when we hit the 1 mile and the guy calling out time said 17 minutes. 'I used to...keep a  7 minute pace my 3600meter run in track'! Anywho... at about the 1.5 mile we hit the turn around and I could no longer walk. I HAD TO RUN!!! She told me to go ahead, because my legs are MUCH longer than hers and I think I was going a faster pace than she is used to sorry, my dearest Kathie!! I ran on from the turnaround to the 2 mile mark! And from there to the end I ran on and off about a three block run and one (or two) block walk! You know, it just feels right to me to run! Well not so much the day after! LOL!! But I got done! And my time was 43:57. That is a 14:11 pace. You know, I think I might have to start running again. We always do the Race for the Cure... I want to get my time down to under a 10 minute pace! I think I can be proud of that! So there you go! That is my goal!
Oh, and I drank ONE Guinness!! Then ended up at Incredible Pizza with my Honeyman, Kids, In-Laws (I think I told you my FIL is home from Afghanistan) My Brother IL and Sister IL and niece and Nephew were there as well! Fun, games, food, five hours later... Oh, well! Kids had a great time! Then home and off to bed for this old gal!! LOL
OH, I also forgot that as soon as I finished my race(in Iowa) I had to go across the river find out where in the parade route my Honeyman and kids were, and hop onto the RIFD (Rock Island Fire Department) float!!! We have a parade that goes across the bridge from Illinois to Iowa!! AAHHH!! I walked till we got to the bridge and then decided I was DONE walking for the day!!
And I have decided that whoever decided March 17th is National Quilting Day is NOT Irish and does NOT participate in the festivities!
What to do today... I have to go get food for the guys at the station, should be doing that now, but I have about a dozen more blogs to read! LOL and then I might just do some stitching!! RELAX and have a SLOW day!!
Have a great one!!


  1. Congratulations! I'm definitely not a runner (although I'm a good and fast walker), so anyone that can run even a mile is doing great in my book!

  2. congrats on the finish! SOunds like you had a great day :)

  3. Wow you finished! WTG. The only kind of running I ever do is run late!! lol........

  4. You still got it, girl! Way to go!