Thursday, March 15, 2012

Did you hear the shouts of joy???

Bright and fun!! YA!!!
It came! It's here!! AAHHHHH!! hehe!
After much anticipation my name game swap came!! Oh, can I tell you I was like a kid at Christmas time!! I tore open the wrapping (and then had to piece back together the address so I can send a proper thank you! Silly me!!) I LOVE IT!! She (Christie) captured the crazy, zany, and always INSANE me!! OMG!! I am in love with the fact that she embraced my tat and went with it!! I know we were given very little info on our partners and I don't even think I remembered telling her about my love for music!! AAHHHH I took a BAJILLION pics! I will reserve myself to two! hehe so I do not over load y'all!!

my toes are in the corner...oops!
Darn it I can't rotate the pic here! had fun with colour POP!! Anyway
I have to tell you a funny! Postage was 3.14 and one of my friends said today is like PI day or something like that! And The Brat was the one who go tthe mail and said something about it cost her PI to send it... When I opened up the cute little card on the inside... there was a picture of apple pie on the front of the card! We all had a great laugh at that one as well! And then all the oohhing and aaahhhing began!! I did not think Ella (one of the three year olds I watch) was ever going to release it from her grasps!! She was enthraled with the notes like on Mama Jo's arm!! And of course she had to show off and tell me what the letters were! She is a smart one my beautiful little Ella Belle!!
OH, I am in love! I cannot wait to get something and find a proper place to hang this! I LOVE IT!!!!
Oh, happy day!!!


  1. Josie what an awesome swap prize! And the PI coincidences just add to the fun! Thanks for sharing your joy.

  2. What a treasure ... lucky you!!!

  3. I am so happy to see that it reached you and that you like it!! I am a bit of a computer geek and couldn't resist the pie jokes. My husband and I also had a nice laugh when I told him how much it was to ship. We must be long lost twins for you to also find that amusing -- love it!! Enjoy the mini as I had a lot of fun snooping to figure out what to make for you!!