Thursday, May 17, 2012

Am I insane yet?

OK, so without going into to much detail Baby Brother and I are doing some MAD cleaning. I have had little sleep. And have spent more time in my car this week that I normally do in a month driving back and forth, and the week is not done.
I will not riddle you with pics, because I could not bring myself to take pics. And if a certain someone reads this and gets angry I DO NOT CARE!!! I have had to be a not so very nice person this week. It is hard to be that mean and have to put your foot down and say enough is enough. I am glad I have Sean with me so I am not an army of one!! I will just say think Hoarders!! No really!! I know this is one of those things you may or may not like to read on a blog, but I am right out there!
oops!! LOL!
I write it down as I see it. If it is my kids, quilting, life, the burned out car down the road that caused a lot of commotion on my block last night! (he he) I am brutally honest! And after all, This is all my insanity defense right!!
April 12, 1969

On the bright side I have been trying to save a lot of pics and I did bring them home so I could go through them. One at the bottom of the box as not just a snapshot, it was a photo of my Mother on her wedding day with all of her Brothers and Sisters!
top: Bob, George, Skeeter, Dick
Middle: My Mom (Becky) My Grandmother (Marie)
Botttom: Hazel, Rita, Vernita, Merilyn, Shirley
I love it!

OK! That's it for now! I have to take today off, Honeyman is working, so I have to be here form my kids!! I think I am going to take nap time for me and stitch! Oh, I did get one thing finished before Baby Brother called and threw my world into an upside down tornado!
May Beejeebers Block

This was my first month with Beejeebers and I tried something new! These were raw edge applique machine sewn! Ya me!

OK, I'm gone now! Everyone have a great time and enjoy your beautiful day!! :)


  1. lovely work. sound like another buys day for you :)

  2. The picture of your Mom's wedding day is something you needed to have........hope you find more treasures!

  3. Sometimes you "gotta do what you gotta do". But if the person is truly a hoarder he/she needs counseling. Love the blocks.

  4. Hoping your week is settling down now Josie! Your raw-edge applique block is sew pretty!

  5. Sometimes it just helps to vent Josie. :) Your raw edge applique is lovely. That's one of my favorite things to do. blessings, marlene

  6. I'm a "semi-hoarder"...if there is such a thing?? I think that if I didn't have plenty of area in my house to put things and ALL the STUFF was crowded into a much smaller space, I might get called a "real" hoarder, too =P

    But, venting can be a good's like squeezing out the bad stuff in a wound. Okay...maybe that's a yucky visual, but to me it fits. =P

    I really like your quilty looks like lots of fun to do it with raw edge. =)