Monday, May 14, 2012

Did everyone hear the yelp from where you are??

I do so hope everyone had a great Mother's day! Mine... started off pretty low key! Of course it was the last day of camping, so I had to clean up the camper. Now, even though I am not a great housekeeper can I tell you I go NUTZ with the sanitation of my camper!!! So hours of cleaning it up so we could pull out to come home!
I did not work on my stitchin like I planned. Nope hold onto your big girl panties everyone I READ A WHOLE BOOK!! One weekend! Two days!! (and part of one dedicated to doing the Brats hair for Prom!!)  It wasn't even a picture book!! Well, that is only a half truth!! LOL I checked out Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children from the library for my Kindle.  It was a good fairly light hearted read! I enjoyed it and yes, it has pictures in it! And at the end of the book it tells you that all of the pics were found!! kind of cool!! Again, I pat myself because I do not read fast and this was a pretty quick read!!

OK, so I cleaned, I got home my kids gave me cards (well, the Brat txted Happy Mother's day to me and then some kind of a thing I said looked like a butt, but she said it was a hamster face! LOL)

I also went through the mail that came on Saturday and I found a GREAT package that I had won a few weeks back!!
Talk about a great day!!!

I had been up since early in the morning and at 5:30 I told Honeyman I wanted to take a quick nap. SO I went upstairs and of course then you know my room becomes central station!! One person after another needing something! The Brat came in with the phone and it was my Baby Brother!! It is pretty normal for him to call on Sundays.
so the conversation goes something like this:
BB: How was your weekend
ME: good,camping...what are you doing it is SO noisy?
BB: Driving.
BB: So how busy is YOUR bathroom at 7 in the morning
ME: (thinking WT? odd question) I need a revolving door on the darn thing at that time in the morning 5 people one bathroom!!
BB: Well, I guess I can just get up at 5:30...

Wait, back up what did he just say??? OK if you didn't know it BB lives in TX and we are in IL!! He said he would be at my house in 4 hours or so!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I was no longer in the mood for a nap!! Seems he has to work up here for two weeks!! (well, 12 days and he has to work 11 of those 12 days) And since my house is only 5 min from where he has to be!!! He is going to crash with me!! Can I tell you I was so happy I was crying! I love my Baby Brother so much! And miss him something crazy like!! What a great Mother's Day gift!!! His 4 hours turned out to be more like almost 6 he got here at 11:20 and had to be in this morning, but It was so great to see him! I know I have to share him with Dad but I know we will get some fun times together!!

Oh, no pic of him! LOL I though about one of him sleeping on my couch, but then decided he might no like that so much! Maybe I will get good pics of him with my kids!!
Have a great Monday all!!
I know I will!!


  1. sounds like you had a great week-end!!

  2. Sounds like you had an exciting weekend. Enjoy your brother's visit.