Thursday, May 3, 2012

techno terror and another of my rants!

Well, when I say no fun pics this time I really have to mean it! :( My computer finally bit the dust! I cannot get it to keep a browser up!! So, My beloved Honeyman ordered a new one :) and I got a bonus out of the deal!! See, he ordered it off Amazon (I love that place) because it was cheaper than going to the box store, plus six months same as cash! A phone call to Baby Brother to give the thumbs up for the one we chose (he is after all the expert) and it seams the last time I was shopping there I was looking at a 1/4 inch foot for my machine but did not want to pay shipping for one item, well! Did I say I love him?? It was in the cart so he went ahead and ordered it for me! The update said it should be here by Monday and I can't wait! Oh, for the computer, too!! LOL In the mean time I have to put up with life on the notepad! At least it is my window to the outside world! I would be lost if I did not have this little guy (private moment to hug my Notepad)!

OK rant time! This is the part where I moan about just any old thing that has come to mind and can I tell you right now it is the bank!!! So, one of the guys that Honeyman works with just did some mortgage modifications on his rental properties. This is not something your bank will advertise to you but right now because loan rates are so low you can modify and it costs little to no money to do so! Well, we called and got the process started, but because we have an FHA loan we have to do what is called a streamline. So, after a week of filling out papers and faxing back and forth they tell us that in order to meet the terms we have to decrease our payment by 5%. OK not a big deal. Here is what made me MAD... when the re-offer came the reason marked for the 'new terms' was not 'does not meet qualification's or 'needs to meet certain terms' it was , wait for it, NO BENEFIT TO BUYER!!!!! OK, so we were going to go from 23 years left in our loan to a 15 year loan, from 6.375% interest to 3.5% interest and payment would go down by $23. By their standards it had to go down by $34! So we were talking we missed the boat by $11 a month!!! I was beside myself when I read that!!!  And the big kick in the pants of all of it was all we had to 'pay down' on the loan is $1200! What the, they WILL allow us to pay that down and then we will meet the qualifications, but my words to them are, so in 15 years from now (or really if we continue to pay what we are paying right now which is the plan only 11 1/2 years) if I just stop paying you then you tell me there was no benefit to me!! Right! Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks that a line drawn that far in the line is just NUTZ! Sheesh!

OK rant done! Thanks for listening to me! Hey, if you have not already make sure you go over and check out my giveaway!!

Have a great day!!

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  1. sorry to hear about your computer and the bank. Maybe you can throw the computer at the bank?