Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a few things to add :)

So, I got my Starflowers done

Dragon fly
Flower pots
My first attemt at embroidery!!! Sorry about the wonky pis! It is still in the hoop and I did not want to have to wriggle it back in there! LOL I just started on the tree last night and I think I will take  this with me when I camp this weekend! YA! It is part of the Clover & Violet QAL I know they did the blocks and then the embroidery, But I know that my Applique blocks 'shrink' and I did not want that to happen to these! So, I did the stitchin first and will go back and sew blocks later! Plus, I have not decided on what two colours I want to use! So, I will wait for inspiration from the centers! I will take better pics once I get them done and ironed and all! But you get the idea! :)

Well, I have packages that I have to finish getting ready and they WILL go out today!

I also have laundry, packing, and I think I might get to stitch while kids sleep!
Have a great weekend! I am camping and enjoying the WONDERFUL weather!!!


  1. I love the blocks, they are beautiful. Your embroidery is lookin' good! I enjoy doing it too.

  2. lovely blocks!! and great embroidery!

  3. Your embroidery is coming along great. Pretty blocks. WTG!

  4. Your embroidery looks great! We're going camping this weekend too. I already have my sewing machine packed!