Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm back!

Whew! That was a long week without a computer! LOL What did we ever do without?? No in all reality I did have my little notebook, but I cannot put pics on that not a lot of memory and I don't want to fill it all up! I really need to get a memory stick to put all my pics on!
I have finished a few things!

Remember all those HST I was working on??  Well, I got the top all together! Now I have to decide if I want more of a border on it! Oh, I did add a 2 inch white border after this pic was taken, But I have to say one of my biggest flaws so far is NOT knowing what to add to 'fiinish' it off! You know! Honeyman likes this with just the white on the edge! I think I might have to agree with him and When I get a chance to pick up some backing for this I might just do some straight line quilting and purple for the binding! i was happy to use some of my squares from the swaps I have done! I love all those different fabrics!

                                                       I am a month behind in my Blogger BOM. So this one is my March Block(s). I have to get the April done yet, too and then I will be caught up! (I do so hate being behind).
I got my May swap done for We Bee learning! It will go in the mail in the morning when Honeyman gets home and can make my run to the post office!
May To Do List:

Catch up on Blogger BOM! Only one month behind!!
Decide what I am doing for the Red White and Blue Blog Hop!!
   We Bee Learning: DONE
   Bee Creative 2012: Star Flower
   Beejeebers: Beachy Applique (Yes this is a new swap! I was recently invited to fill in for someone who sadly had to drop out! I hope I can do these AMAZING ladies proud!!)
   Comfort Quilts: My Month!! Wait for stuff to arrive and stitch together!! :)
Celebrate my oldest Daughter's SEVENTEENTH birthday!! (that just does NOT seem possible!!)

I think I got it all! :) Back with more!
Have a beautiful day!!

Oh, are y'all ready for this?? I started an embroidery thingy!! AAHHH!! Wish me luck!! :)


  1. Welcome back. Know you were missed. Well, you got a lot accomplished while your computer was down. Those half-square triangles are beautiful as are your other projects.

  2. Welcome back. I love your quilt top, very nice colour. And congratulations on your Daughter's birthday. Will you show us the embroidery thing. I love embroidery, I really wish you luck and I'm sure you are going to love it. It is so relaxing.